Pan Cooked Chicken in a Lager Reduction Sauce

Lager chicken

My dad is in a beer of the month club, and yes it’s the gift that keeps on giving the whole year. I used the Fordham Brewing Company’s Helles Lager as the base for a pan sauce to serve over chicken. To cook the chicken I seasoned it with salt and pepper, then cooked it until done in a pan. After the chicken was finished I sauteed shallots and garlic then deglazed the pan with the beer. I reduced it down by half then added the home made chicken stock. after reducing the mixture down to 3/4 I added whole grain mustard and heavy cream. The sauce was delicious and matched up well with the chicken. Aside from being great to cook with, the beers from Fordham brewing company are also great for drinking. You can find a link to their site below.

Fordham Brewing Company


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