Parmesean Truffle fries with a Garlic Aioli


I know it’s been a few days since the Superbowl but here is the third dish I made on Sunday. I hand cut the fries and cooked them in the oil I used for the fried chicken. To cook the fries, fry them for 6-8 min then remove them from the oil and allow to cool. When ready to eat throw them back into the hot oil for 1 min. The oil should be between 350-375 degrees F. After you make the fries you can serve them however you wish. I sprinkled them with white truffle oil and Parmesan cheese and served them with a mellow garlic aioli I made the day before. You could also sprinkle them with old bay or melted cheese. Thanks for reading n\and I hope you give them a try (if you want to make them healthier try baking them) Also please leave a comment on my suggestions blog and maybe your idea will show up on the blog this weekend!


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