Pan Seared Duck Breast with Honey Balsamic Pan Sauce

Duck1 Duck2

I’m continuing on with experimenting with new dishes on Tuesday. This is the first time I have ever attempted cooking duck. To start I scored the fatty side of the duck with a knif then seasoned it with kosher salt and black pepper. I then heated a pan over high heat until I could barely hold my hand 2 inches over the pan. I then reduced the heat to medium high and placed the duck, fatty side down, in the pan and cooked it for 7 min, turning the heat to medium low after 3 min. I then flipped the duck over and cooked for another 6-7 min. I suggest using a meat thermometer to make sure the duck gets to 145 degrees F before removing it from the pan. Once done place on a plate and cover with foil. Return the pan to medium heat and add 1/4 cup honey, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, and salt to taste. Cook sauce down for 3-4 min then add duck again to coat. Take remaining sauce and drizzle on duck when serving. Hope you guys enjoy!

I will be posting a collection of easy yet impressive recipes tomorrow just in time for Valentines Day.


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