Cooking Class Week 3: Game Birds


Week three of the cooking class focused on game birds like duck, pheasant, and quail. At the beginning of the class the Chef talked us through all the different kinds of game birds and how their tastes differ. The techniques for breaking down the game birds were the same as the techniques we learned in week one with the chicken. I impressed myself and remembered the proper way to cut a bird in the European style. The dish I decided to cook was the Margret De Canard Au Poivre Vert, which is a pan cooked Muscovy duck with a green peppercorn cream sauce.

I chose this dish becasue I wanted to properly learn how to cook a duck. The most important lesson I learned is that you cook duck until it has the correct look, no need to stick to a certain time just cook it until your duck skin has a nice golden brown. In order to ensure proper cooking you must first heat a pan over high heat. Then rub oil, such as peanut or canola oil, and salt and pepper on duck. Once pan is heated place duck in pan, keep it at high heat until the edges of skin turn golden brown ~3-4 min. Turn down heat and continue to render the fat out of the duck. As more fat renders out of the duck feel free to drain the pan and keep duck fat to the side. As the duck is cooking take a spoon and pour rendered fat from pan over the duck to start to cook the opposite side. Once the skin side has reached your desired color and crispiness, flip the duck over and cook 1~2 min then remove from pan


Pan Seared Duck Breast with Honey Balsamic Pan Sauce

Duck1 Duck2

I’m continuing on with experimenting with new dishes on Tuesday. This is the first time I have ever attempted cooking duck. To start I scored the fatty side of the duck with a knif then seasoned it with kosher salt and black pepper. I then heated a pan over high heat until I could barely hold my hand 2 inches over the pan. I then reduced the heat to medium high and placed the duck, fatty side down, in the pan and cooked it for 7 min, turning the heat to medium low after 3 min. I then flipped the duck over and cooked for another 6-7 min. I suggest using a meat thermometer to make sure the duck gets to 145 degrees F before removing it from the pan. Once done place on a plate and cover with foil. Return the pan to medium heat and add 1/4 cup honey, 3 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, and salt to taste. Cook sauce down for 3-4 min then add duck again to coat. Take remaining sauce and drizzle on duck when serving. Hope you guys enjoy!

I will be posting a collection of easy yet impressive recipes tomorrow just in time for Valentines Day.