Cooking Class Week 1: Poultry

Cornish Hen

The first week of the cooking class was focused on poultry, particularly chicken. At the start of the class we learned about the different types of chickens and talked about various ways to prepare a chicken to make sure it does not dry out. After the introduction to chicken we were taught how to break down a chicken in both American and European styles. The American style of breaking down a chicken separates the bird into 8 pieces while the European style leaves you with 4 pieces. We then took the preparation skills we learned and applied them to a recipe.

We were able to choose between four recipes. Maryland fried chicken, chicken Kiev, Cornish Hen with sausage stuffing, and grilled Cornish hens Diable. I chose to cook the Cornish hens with sausage stuffing. To prepare the chicken I had to cut out the spine, then remove the ribs and breast plate. The head chef showed me a few techniques and by the end of the preparation I felt fairly confident in the knife skills I had just learned. After prepping the bird I made the sausage stuffing. when the stuffing was finished I stuffed the bird then sewed it back together. This was the most difficult part of the recipe but after a few pointers I was able to stitch the bird back together. I then trussed the bird and rubbed butter over the skin then seasoned it with salt and pepper before putting it in oven.

I learned a lot of new techniques in this class and will be practicing them throughout the week. So expect to see quite a few chicken recipes out of me in the next few days.

Official Launch of!

Big news! I now officially own the domain for By purchasing the domain this will allow me to grow the blog and be able to publish more content on the site. Check back for new recipes, restaurant reviews, and a possible weekly newsletter.  Unfortunately no new recipes from me tonight. Grandma made chicken noodle soup and you just can’t give out grandma’s chicken noodle soup recipe. I hope you guys are enjoying the blog so far. Please spread the word about the blog to your friends and family and if you have any suggestions of recipes or dishes you would like to see please let me know.

Welcome to the SmartChef Blog!

ImageHello everyone and welcome to my blog, SmartChef. My name is Greg and I enjoy cooking, a lot. I started this blog so I can share my recipe ideas and other culinary adventures with friends, family, and other foodies who may stumble across the blog. I like to skip around with what I cook so I will not be focusing on any one particular type of cuisine. If I find something interesting I usually make an attempt at it and go from there. Some things work, others fail miserably, but I feel that’s the only way to learn what works. I will try to update the blog as much as possible with different recipes that I try or a restaurant review here and there. I hope you enjoy the blog and get some ideas for new recipes from it.