Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Black Bean-Chorizo Ragu

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I realized I have not cooked a pork dish in quite some time. When I was looking through a magazine I saw a picture of a black bean and chorizo ragu and thought it would pair very well with pork tenderloin. I looked up a few recipes and combined them to make up the this recipe.

It is best to marinate the pork for at least 4-6 hours but you can get away with 2 hours. Before putting the pork in the oven you will brown it on all sides in a pan.

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By browning the pork it seals in moisture, shortens the amount of time it will spend in the oven, and preps the pan for cooking the ragu.

While the pork cooks in the oven you will cook the ragu in the pan that your browned the pork in. First you will cook the peppers and onions, until soft.

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Then you will add in the chorizo and cook until finished.

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Finally you will add the beans, chicken broth, and tomato paste and reduce liquid by half.

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Finally you serve the ragu over the pork tenderloin. This recipe is quite simple and looks and tastes great. Follow the link below for the full recipe. Enjoy!

Roasted Pork Tenderloin With Black Bean-Chorizo Ragu