Bananas Foster

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As I said in the Mother’s Day dinner post I made Bananas Foster for dessert. This is the first time I have attempted this dish and was pleasantly surprised with how easy and delicious this dish turned out. Now I must warn everyone this is far from healthy and the recipe turns out a very rich product. I would recommend saving this dessert for special occasions. The flambe step also adds a bit of excitement to the presentation. Enjoy!

Bananas Foster


Mother’s Day Dinner


On Mother’s Day I cooked dinner for my family. The menu was made up of Fillet Mignon with the Guinness reduction, double stuffed potatoes with cheese and bacon, sauteed mushrooms, and oven roasted asparagus. Putting the meal together turned into a family effort with everyone pitching in on various parts of the meal. I’m getting closer and closer to perfecting the Guiness reduction and should have the final version of it nailed down in the next few attempts. With this attempt I was focusing on getting the right consistency to allow the sauce to grab onto the steak better. For dessert I made bananas foster. Now I am not a huge fan of cooked fruit and was surprised with how well it turned out. The bananas foster will be getting a dedicated post in the very near future. I hope all of you also had enjoyable Mother’s Days.