Pan Cooked Chicken with Honey Beer Pan Sauce


Here is a quick and easy dinner to make on a weekday night.You will find the recipe for the honey beer sauce below. The ingredients are pretty common and because it is a pan sauce you can have some fun experimenting with other ingredients. This chicken goes well with sauteed spinach and wild rice especially if you put some whole grain mustard in with the sauteed spinach. Enjoy!

Pan Cooked Chicken with Honey Beer Pan Sauce


Chicken with Wheat Beer Honey Reduction


This dish is a very quick and easy chicken dish with a simple pan reduction. I used Double White from the Southampton Publick House to make the reduction. The wheat beer and honey pair well together and make the sauce’s consistency more of a glaze. From start to finish this meal takes about 30 minutes to prepare and uses ingredients that are staples in a pantry. If you do not have shallots you can substitute with onions. Give this recipe a shot and as always, Enjoy!

Chicken with Wheat Beer Honey Reduction

Spicy Honey Brushed Chicken

photo 4

After practicing breaking down the chicken I decided to make a spicy honey brushed chicken. This dish is very simple and can be prepared in a few different ways. First you can either only use chicken thighs, or you can mix it up with various chicken pieces. Then when it comes to cooking the chicken you can either use the grill, broiler, or oven. Whatever way you choose to cook it you can’t go wrong. Right before the chicken is finished cooking you brush it with a honey sauce that glazes over the chicken giving it a sweet taste that is then complimented by the slight spiciness of the rub. I hope you give this dish a try!

Spicy Honey Brushed Chicken