Margarita with Fresh Squeezed Lime Juice


After a long day of cycling and putting in our garden I decided to put the limes I had to good use by making a margarita. I am a huge fan of margaritas on the rocks. When I first saw the recipe for this drink I thought it was going to be strong on the tequila taste. However after trying it it was light and refreshing. This will definitely be a mainstay on the weekends this summer. Enjoy!



Pimms in London


While I was in London I had my first glass (well it turned into a pitcher) of Pimms and lemonade. Usually when I am in England I am a strict real ale guy. However, it was a nice summer day and I decided it would be a good idea to try a traditional English summer drink. Pimms is a gin based liqueur usually served over ice or with lemonade (not still lemonade, more of a lemon lime soda something along the lines of sprite or seven-up) I was surprised at how much I liked the drink. It was very refreshing and made for a nice break as Gemma and I walked around London. If you are looking for a nice change of pace try a Pimms and lemonade for a refreshing summer drink.

Arnold Palmer a True Classic


With the US Open at Merion last weekend I made up some Arnold Palmer’s from scratch. I used the lemonade recipe I posted last week and then brewed some iced tea and mixed the two. It was delicious and refreshing and made for a nice change of pace in between beers while smoking the ribs we had for dinner. With summer officially starting this weekend mix some up and enjoy!


Iced Tea

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade


With the weather getting nicer and summer almost here I had the urge to make lemonade this past weekend. I first learned to make lemonade out of necessity when I lived in England. To the English lemonade is a lemon flavored soda and not the refreshing summer drink we know in America. This recipe is simple but takes a bit of work to juice the lemons. To make the job easier I would highly recommend buying a hand held lemon press. This drink is very refreshing and hits the spot on any warm summer day. Drink it by itself or mix it with some iced tea to make up a nice Arnold Palmer. Enjoy!

Fresh Squeezed Lemonade